BC Easy Filer is an online system that will generate and file CT600 corporation tax submissions.

When the HMRC decided not to supply CT600 software to agents. I decided to create a system to file corporation tax returns. This application will allow you to file tax returns and supplementary pages and store them in the cloud. As well as agents, this system will also be of use to companies that were unable to use HMRC software, including those requiring supplementary sheets.

CT600s can be created simply, with most people only needing to enter a few figures from their company accounts. All totals and carried forward figures are checked and entered for you, making it easy to use, although the system is comprehensive enough to handle the most complex of situations as well. You will need to have software to generate your iXBRL accounts and computations, which most agents who previously used HMRC software will probably have. If you have accounts and computations on spreadsheets, we may be able to convert these manually, please email us on admin@easyfiler.co.uk for details.

This application is available at at low cost and users pay by the number of returns they submit. Rather than pay several hundred pounds for tax software, you pay £15 per tax return, or less if you buy returns in bulk.

Easy To File the Correct Tax Calculations

All fields that can be calculated for you are automatically completed, meaning that it will save you time and avoid errors. It will also enter many figures directly from your iXBRL tax computation when you upload it saving you even more time. Click here to take a look at the system. Creating an account is Free until you wish to actually submit a tax return.

Easy To File Your Supplementary Sheets

The system allows you to submit all supplementary sheets, including these:

  • Controlled Foreign Companies,
  • Group and Consortium Relief,
  • Charities and Sports Clubs
  • Cross Border Royalties,
  • Tonnage Tax
  • Ring Fenced Trades.
  • and the new research and development sheet CT600L

Easy To File Your Attachments

You can upload and file iXBRL and pdf attachments. The system will analyse your iXBRL tax computation, check your return for inconsistencies and fill in most of your return for you.

Easy To File for Your R and D Tax Credit

and all other unusual parts of the tax return. This system will cater for every possible entry you are allowed to put on a tax return. Log in now to see how it can meet your specific requirements.

Easy To Keep your Records

A copy of the body of the file sent to HMRC will be sent to you after submission. In addition, you can view or print out a handy table containing all of the information sent to HMRC. The HMRC response and data sent is kept on file for you to refer to at any time.

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